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Our Organic
Our Engagements
for our Wine

- We allow our grapes to express Nature to the full.
- We intervene as little as possible in order not to change the nature of our wines, making them more open, expressive and personal.
- The cultivation of the vines and vinification are carried out plot by plot depending on the soil and exposure and each plot’s potential.
- The grapes are harvested when they are fully ripe.
- We do not use inputs in our wines and most of the cuvees ferment by means of their own natural yeasts.
- The “Esprits Natures” wines are matured on the lees.
- Our cuvees are aged for a minimum of 3 years in bottles with at least 6 months in vats to give the flavours time to bloom and the wines time to develop and distinguish themselves.
- The dosage of our wines is kept to a minimum so that the sugar of the liqueur does not mask the “true” natural taste of the wine.